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  2011.08.13  23.50
Seeking Fashion Designers & Talent Pale Beauty Fashion Show and Dark After Party -Philly -this fall

In the planning stages of the "1st Annual Pale Beauty Fashion Show and Dark After Party" and seeking talented people who cater to those with Gothic, Lolita, Cyber, Punk, Steampunk, Rockabilly, Vampire, Pin-up girl, Fetish, Alternative Rock tastes to join me in this venture. Would you be interested in helping plan the show? Having your items on the runway? Doing hair? Make up? Modeling? Entertaining the crowd? Vending? Having your band play in the Dark After Party? Et cetera.

E-mail me kt_@_palebeauty_dot_com (remove _spaces_) about how you would like to participate and your terms -please + thank you.

Twitter @PaleBeautyFS


  2010.09.22  09.52
Сообщники, нужна ваша помощь!

Друзья, благотворительной организаци Harmony Life Foundation нужна помощь в транспортировке кислородного концентратора для молодого человека, больного муковисцидозом. Если вы или ваши знакомые летите в ближайшее время (октябрь) из аэропортов восточного побережья США (Нью-Йорк, Филадельфия, Нюарк, Вашингтон) в Москву и можете сделать доброе дело - отзовитесь!
Будем очень-очень признательны!!!
Вес аппарата - около 25 кг. Мы привезем вам его прямо в аэропорт к регистрации на рейс. За дополнительное место багажа/перевес заплатим. Проверку багажа службой безопасности аэропорта пройдем вместе с вами. В Москве вас встретят по прилете.

Наш фонд продолжает сбор средств для 5-летнего Саши Турыгина из Ярославля. Мальчику необходим курс терапии в Международной клинике восстановительного лечения в г. Трускавец, специалисты которой могут поставить его на ноги. В настоящий момент поступило: $1,040. 
До 30 сентября нужно успеть собрать недостающую сумму в $1,350, для того, чтобы ребенок смог поехать в Трускавец 3 октября. 
Мы очень просим вас откликнуться на просьбу Саши! 
Посмотреть документы, фотографию и помочь малышу можно ЗДЕСЬ

Все пожертвования, сделанные фонду Harmony Life, резиденты США имеют право списывать с налогооблагаемой базы в соответствии с налоговым законодательством.



  2010.07.26  13.34
Get double credit when you fly into or out Philadelphia with Southwest

Get double credit when you fly into or out Philadelphia with Southwest. Take advantage of our Philly/DC-area Double Credit promotion where you get one bonus Rapid Rewards credit each time you fly into or out of Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington, or Washington (Dulles) between July 15 and September 30, 2010! That means you can earn two credits for every one-way flight (four credits when you travel roundtrip) to or from any of these three destinations. Purchase a Business Select Fare with this promotion, and you will receive 2.25 credits for shorthaul flights and 3.0 credits for longhaul flights!

To take advantage of this special offer, simply follow these steps:

1. Register for this promotion between July 15, 2010 and August 11, 2010.
2. Book a flight for yourself between July 15, 2010 and August 11, 2010 for travel into or out of Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington, or Washington (Dulles).
3. Complete your travel between July 15, 2010 and September 30, 2010.

Register today and get to a free* flight after just four roundtrips!



  2010.06.20  23.10
Morris Arboretum, North Philadelphia


  2010.06.19  14.01
used books

Anybody know of a place in the city to donate (or even sell) used books, mostly but not all fantasy or science fiction, many of them oldish, and many of them kind of obscure? The dump in my hometown in MA has a "library" where you can leave and take books freely, and I was wondering if there was anything like that around here.

My first thought was Books Through Bars, but their website says they don't want genre fiction. I tried selling some books in West Philly a few years ago and had a bad experience, so I'm leery of lugging them out to bookstores unless there's a place nearby that I'm fairly sure will take them.


  2010.03.12  20.48
Temple Cats!

I started a rescue called Temple Cats to help save the stray and abandoned cats around Temple University - and there are probably hundreds of them, so it's a big job! If you can help in any way (fostering, donating, trapping, advertising, marketing) please check out our website and let me know! And spread the word! www.temple-cats.org


  2009.12.07  21.40
Salon SUGAR, south street area alternative salon

Hello Philadelphia and surrounding areas, check out my one woman alternative beauty salon, specializing in creative cuts and color, various methods of extensions (human hair and synthetic / pinch braid and cinderella fusions) , dreadlocks and dreadlock maintenance, custum hair falls/pieces and cyber/anime dread extensions installed (Hair Police www.hairpolice.com/ trained and certified). Mention this add for special first time discount on cuts and colors! Free hair cut with full color service for first time new clients, $25 value* Call SUGAR at 609 760 6059 for appt.


711 east passyunk ave
Philadelphia, pa 19147
(only one block off south street!)
lots of free parking!!
Mon: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tues: closed or by appt
Wed: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thus: closed or by appt
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

call 609 760 6059 for appts and or free consultations!

SALON SUGAR on these great sites for more pictures and information!
FACEBOOK= www.facebook.com/pages/Philadelphia-PA/Salon-SUGAR/118650065498
MYSPACE= http://www.myspace.com/salonsugar
YELP= www.yelp.com/biz/salon-sugar-philadelphia

we also sell Knotty boy dreadlock hair care from Canada (no shipping!), tigi and rockaholic haircare products, in the boutique is Renee Masoomian's clubwear line Circuit Bent (bright colored clubwear line, think comfortable and matchs with most cyberdog pieces!) , Itzy Bitzy (mini hats and fascinators), Mush Muffs (u got if muffs, to keep your hand warm all winter and in style! there mostly pink of course!) Candi kaboom's Hair treats (a wide selection of hair clips and falls), Mikes Saga's Bulley Belts (punkrock belts made of bullets, and at great prices!! starting at $30 that's insane to pass up!! get in for the holidays!!!


  2009.07.28  14.06
Please help! :)

Hi guys!

So, I just encountered a crisis. One of my roommates has backed out on me and my other roommate last minute. We have already signed our lease and put in our deposit and don't want to lose the house! It's a gorgeous three-bedroom apartment in Manayunk and rent is at $525 plus utilities. We have a full backyard, finished basement, washer/dryer, dishwasher and keggerator! We are both females and students at Saint Joes just looking for someone laid-back and easy to live with. If anyone knows someone who is in need of a room or housing, please let me know! Our lease starts on August 15th and we would love to find someone ASAP! Thanks!!



  2009.07.28  13.32
Dog boarding recs? (x-posted)

Does anyone have recommendations for a dog boarding company/facility like a "pet hotel"? Anywhere in Philly or even South Jersey. I have a regular dog walker but the overnight rate really adds up quickly and looking for a more economical way for my dog to be cared for while I am on vacay.
thanks in advance


  2009.05.28  14.14


Grads: Connect to Jobs Through Campus Philly's Opportunity Fair
Recent graduates and young alumni
are invited to Campus Philly’s Opportunity Fair to seek out professional level internships, jobs, graduate school opportunities, and professional contacts. The event will include a career expo, a graduate studies fair, educational seminars and networking sessions with industry professionals. The fair is produced with support from the City of Philadelphia, twenty colleges and university partners, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

The fair takes place June 16th from 12-4pm at Saint Joseph’s University’s James J. Maguire ‘58 Campus. Visit
www.campusphilly.org/careers for more information.





Employers and Recent Graduates: Connect at Campus Philly’s Opportunity Fair

Campus Philly is producing the 2009 Opportunity Fair to connect regional employers with recent graduates and young alumni, with initial support from the City of Philadelphia, twenty college and university partners, and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The fair provides an opportunity for employers to build a base of talented young recruits by offering grads full-time entry level positions and professional level internships.

 The 2009 Opportunity Fair will take place on June 16, 2009 from 12-4pm at Saint Joseph’s University’s James J. Maguire ‘58 Campus. Visit www.campusphilly.org/careers for more information.


  2009.04.20  03.13
Apartment/townhome rentals in the Bensalem area?

If this isn't the right place to ask this, let me know and I'll delete it.
In a few months, my boyfriend and I will be looking for an apartment or townhouse (to rent). He's from Bensalem and wants to stay in the general area, which I'm fine with, but neither of us know too much about rentals in that area. We're looking in the price range of $1000/month or less and, like I said, we want to stay in or close to Bensalem. What I need are recommendations, places to stay away from, etc.. possibly even a helpful realtor in the area that deals with rentals. I'm googling like crazy but I really want some personal experiences. I'd appreciate anything that might be useful in our search for a place to live. Thanks so much :-)


  2009.03.17  18.40

hey, just wondering where some good places are around morrell park in the north east to go tonight with don't have a cover charge. my friend and I wanna drink and dance.

thanks in advance :)


  2009.03.07  18.17
Philadelphia Film Festival and CineFest 09

Philadelphia Film Festival and CineFest 09   is looking for volunteers.

            Dear Volunteers,

            I would like to invite you to join a new chapter in the ever-growing industry of film festival production, here in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Cinema Alliance, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Film Society, is embarking on a film festival collaboration that we hope you will all be eager to support! 
The Philadelphia Film Festival and CineFest 09 will be held this spring, March 26 through April 6, 2009 and feature over 220 films from over 40 countries, international guests, artistic achievement awards, and special events. As Director of Operations of CineFest 09 and well-versed in volunteer coordination for other city festivals, it would be my pleasure to ensure that you, as a volunteer, enjoy your experience as we collectively shape this endeavor to be a focal point for cinephiles on an international level.  I look forward to sharing the details of this new venture with you at our upcoming volunteer training sessions! Take a look at the following material for detailed information on the many ways you can support the festival as a volunteer.
Are you a new volunteer or not sure how you would like to get involved? Come to one of the general training sessions to learn more about the Festival and the roles volunteers play. You may begin to sign up for shifts following the training.

If you are a former Festival volunteer, choose the training session that applies to your position of interest (don’t forget to RSVP). Former Managers and Box Office Personnel MUST attend a training session. All former volunteers may begin to sign up for shifts after reviewing the volunteer schedule posted on our festival’s website, www.phillycinema.org, beginning Friday, March 6th, 2009.
Each shift you sign up for as a volunteer, will earn you a complimentary festival film ticket (restrictions apply). Please be sure that you DO NOT schedule a volunteer shift during any film screening that you would like to attend. And don’t forget: You always have more fun with a friend, so spread the word!
Read more...Collapse )


  2009.02.11  18.32

so, i may be taking a job in philly. i would be completely new to the area and have no concept of location and such. could anyone give me any idea of what areas would be good to live in and which ones to stay away from. when i say stay away, i mean YOU wouldn't want to live there and you probably wouldn't visit friends there. On another note, what's the local average wage there? thanks in advance!


  2009.02.07  21.55
Rockin' St. Paddy's Day Party!


Mood: chipper

  2009.01.31  12.08
Chiropractor recommedation?

I recently moved here from San Diego and unfortunately need to find a new chiropractor sooner then I had hoped. I need a chiropractor who takes Blue Cross, does manual adjustments (I can be hard to adjust, so they need to be fairly strong), and uses a drop table; preferably in the West Chester area (although I am willing to drive a bit).

Thanks in advance!


  2009.01.05  16.31
Massage studios / clinics

Looking to get a gift cert for someone for a massage or massages and wondering if you guys have recommendations? I have always heard about the massage school on Market Street which I found online here (http://massagearts.com/clinic.html) but I dont know anything about the place. Is it nice inside? Does it have a spa feel?
Also I have seen there is a massage clinic that opened up on 3rd Street last summer/fall. I think it is just called "Old City Massage Clinic" or something like that. Has anyone been there that can tell me how it is?
Looking for an affordable place because I'd like to be able to give a gift cert for several massages... but if I need to I will just go high end so he has a good experience.
Thanks in advance!!


  2008.11.30  20.00
Two awesome celtic-rock-fusion shows!

Artist Web Site

Special Guest:

Ceann is one of the most fun, entertaining & musically adventurous bands in the country. With roots in Irish music, they mix modern musical styles with cutting edge sense of humor that has won them fans across the globe.

Listen on


A Celtic Powerhouse
in the Holiday Spirit

Sellersville Theater 1894
24 W. Temple Avenue,
Sellersville, PA 18960-2421

(215) 257-5808

Friday, December 19, 2008
8:30pm - $19.50*
<input ... >

These buskers-turned-band specialize in fusing Celtic, gypsy and rock traditions with all the energy, affection and wit they can muster. Rabble-rousing & raucous, Scythian blends high-energy gypsy, classical, Americana & Klezmer, with a rock sensibility, into a delicious Celtic brew that's taking the East Coast by storm. In anticipation of the holidays & New Years, they'll warm up for "A Mad Mad Masquerade".

"Scythian's enthusiasm is contagious, and shows seem to end with everyone dancing, jumping around or hoisting glasses."
- The Washington Post

Listen on


What are your New Year's Eve Plans? Scythian is throwing a fantastic party in Philadelphia...

It’s A Mad, Mad, Masquerade New Year’s Ball

A 135 year old mansion, 6 hours, 2 bands, 1 magician, a DJ, a ghost and an open bar will join forces to throw the grandest New Year's party this side of the Atlantis. After a two year hiatus from the hallowed grounds of our country's birthplace, Scythian returns to the Historic (and Haunted?) Stotesbury Mansion at Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia - on the heels of a World Series Pennant and the presidential election. This year's event will be a more intimate affair with only 250 tickets being sold. Expect to be wowed and awed by the beauty of the mansion and the exploits of Scythian and other entertainers. And don't forget the important part: open bar and heavy hor d'oerves. As usual, make sure to wear a classy masquerade costume and mask. And to honor that creative streak we know you all have - make sure to stay for January 1st and soak up the famous Philadelphia Mummer's Parade, the Mardi Gras of the North.

WHAT: Mad, Mad Masquerade New Year's Ball with your host, SCYTHIAN!
A 19th century mansion with 4 levels of grace and elegance
Open bar all night and gourmet heavy hors d'oeuvres
World class magician Nick Locapo
WHERE: The Historic Stotesbury Mansion at Rittenhouse Square
1923 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA
WHEN: December 31, 2008 - 8pm to 2am
WHO: You!

So you are encouraged to jump on Scythian's website for a grand tour. http://www.scythianmusic.com/NewYears2008/page2.html They've set up an entire website to give you an idea of the grandness of the whole affair. Looking forward to ringing in the New Year in preposterous style with you!


  2008.11.30  13.23
pogs, stuffed animals

anybody know of any place that buys pogs?
how about any place that takes old stuffed animals?



  2008.11.20  18.48
Apartment for rent in Germantown

3 rooms - a large living room/ bedroom combo, eat-in kitchen and full bath, private entrance, hardwood floors, full kitchen, stove, ref, rent includes all utilities,non working fireplace, high ceilings.... Apartment is in building that is owner occupied, safe and quiet building with older residents. showing on friday and saturday
email me if you are interested sirwalterhere@gmail.com

$550 a month for rent includes all utilites. Need 1st month rent and 1 month security to move in.


  2008.10.22  20.59
TNP Halloween Show - Sat, Nov 1st @ 9pm!


Hi Everyone!

Transylvanian Nipple Productions, Philly's own Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast are proud to announce that we will be apart of the 2008 Halloween Festival in South Philly!

TNP will be performing at the New Alhambra Arena while the movie is projected on three huge screens!!!

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 9pm
New Alhambra Arena‎
7 W. Ritner St.
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 755-0611
Admission: $5.00 (price includes a free beverage)Come inside!Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )


  2008.10.21  14.05

PAWS takes in over 30,000 animals a year. Yesterday alone we received 54 cats - and only had about 12 adoptions. We need to amp up our adoption rates, now! Spread the word! There are hundreds of beautiful, adoptable cats and dogs at PAWS! Here's just a sample of some of the beautiful animals who need homes. Please, cross-post this and spread the word. The animals need you!

Pictures and Descriptions of Animals HereCollapse )


IF YOU CAN FOSTER OR ADOPT AN ANIMAL: Come to the shelter (111 W. Hunting Park Avenue) immediately. A staff person or foster care volunteer will be thrilled to help you find the right animal(s) for you to take into safety. Foster care and adoption hours are 11 am to 6 pm every day of the week.

Directions to the shelter are available here: http://phillypaws.org/Directions/default.asp

PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, is a donor-funded division of the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association (PACCA) dedicated to saving the lives of Philadelphia's homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals. Taking in nearly 30,000 animals each year, PAWS is dedicated to making Philadelphia a city in which all healthy and treatable animals are guaranteed a home. Supporting PAWS helps fund lifesaving initiatives including adoption and foster care programs, spay and neuter surgeries, low-cost vaccinations, and other community-based programming, all of which help reduce and will ultimately eliminate the unnecessary killing of Philadelphia's animals. For more information, please visit: www.phillypaws.org.

Help make Philly a No-Kill city:


  2008.10.20  17.21
apartment in germantown/ 2rm efficency

living room/ bedroom combo, eat-in kitchen and full bath, private entrance, hardwood floors, full oven, stove, ref, rent includes all untilities...great apartment for a senior or a student. Located between LaSalle and Phila University in Germantown. Apartment is in building that is owner occupied, safe and quiet building with older residents. $550month


  2008.10.19  11.45
Happy Halloween (new cartoon)

Make sure your volume is turned up. Feel free to share with friends. Sharing options at end of video.


  2008.10.10  21.32
TNP Oct Show: William Way Center 10/17 @ 8pm!


Hi Everyone!

Transylvanian Nipple Productions, Philly's own Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast, are returning to one of our old homes, the beautiful William Way Center in Center City Philadelphia!

Date: Friday, Oct 17, 2008 at 8pm (doors open at 7pm)
William Way Center
1315 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Admission: $12.00 for non-members
$10.00 for WWC members

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